Merlin Gorse - Party Wall Surveyors in South West London

Whether you are raising a party wall for a loft extension, excavating close to a neighbour's building or building on a boundary it is likely that you will need to serve notice on your neighbour under the Party Wall etc., Act 1996. A Building Owner has many rights in relation to party walls and Adjoining Owners have the right to protect their interest and appoint a party wall surveyor.

What you have to do as a Building Owner;

  • Decide what the works are
  • Find a surveyor who knows about party walls
  • Appoint the surveyor
  • Wait until the surveyor has agreed the party wall award before commencing any works within the time limits laid down

What you have to do as an Adjoining Owner;

  • Examine the notice received from your neighbour
  • Decide whether you want to follow a formal party wall procedure
  • Appoint a surveyor
  • Your surveyor will agree a party wall award which will include a record of the condition of your property and provision for making good any damage that is caused by the works
  • None of this will cost you anything as your surveyors reasonable fees are paid by the Building Owner.

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