Chartered Building Surveyors and Homebuyers Reports in London

As an independent practice of Chartered Building Surveyors with over twenty-five years of experience in all property sectors, we regularly undertake inspections and prepare detailed reports for residential clients purchasing houses and flats as well as surveys on commercial, retail and industrial buildings.

There are two different types of survey report we undertake; The Building Survey, formerly known as a Structural Survey, and the Homebuyers Report.

Chartered Building Surveys in London

The Building Survey tends to be more detailed and can be carried out on practically all residential properties in London. It is always used as a format for commercial buildings. The Building Survey may include technical information about construction and materials, offer building costs for guideline purposes and advise on the likely effects on the property in the event that repairs are not undertaken. A collection of photographs is also provided as part of the building survey.

Homebuyers Reports, London

The Homebuyers Report is designed for flats and small houses in London constructed in the post war period. It is a standard report produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to highlight significant and urgent matters. It is typically understood to be the economy service. More recently, the RICS has lengthened the Homebuyers Report and the difference between the two is less significant.

Copies of either report can be downloaded from this web-site for your information.

Specific Defect Surveys, London

We can also undertake inspections for diagnosing specific defects, for example, cracking to buildings, damp-related problems and structural matters. These would be designed to identify the cause of a defect and the best way to repair them. Budget costs are often included for this type of report.

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